Heritage 21 Partners

The Heritage 21 Foundation is about partnerships.  We believe the Kingdom will be enhanced by strategic relationships with other like-minded organizations.  H21 shares wisdom, diagnostic tools and resources with churches that are considering their future.  Accordingly, H21 desires on-going, productive partnerships with other organizations that serve churches wrestling with future-driven decisions.  We are honored to have working relationships with:

Sunnyvale, Texas

Heritage 21 is blessed to work with Hope Network Ministries as a Kingdom Collaborator through their specific divisions:  consulting, mentoring and interim ministry.  Both organizations share assessment and diagnostic tools in order to bring wisdom and discernment to church leaders wrestling with decisions. Hope Network and Heritage 21 leaders will help expand options for churches.  

Jonesboro, Arkansas

HealthyChurches.tv is an online learning platform for churches and ministers to learn simple steps to better their health for the glory of God and service to the world. HealthyChurches.tv partners with several organizations and groups to pull their educational resources into one location. The content is presented in video format on a 21st-century learning platform.

Portland, Oregon

Kairos Church Planting began in 2005 with the vision of starting a movement of churches that start new churches in new places for new people.

Churches of Christ were among the last to mobilize. Our 13,000 congregations have been called “the sleeping giant,” a fellowship big enough to make a big difference. But Churches of Christ have also been shrinking. Between 2002 and 2009, 526 congregations of Churches of Christ closed their doors and the fellowship experienced a decline of 78,000 members. (The Christian Chronicle, January 2009)

Interim Ministry Partners (IMP), a division of HOPE Network Ministries, serves churches looking for a new Pulpit Minister. IMP believes the transition to a new pulpit minister marks one of the most important and significant seasons in the life of a church. The interim season allows churches to breath, to assess important questions like “Who are we?” and “Where are we going?” and “What do we believe—really?” We help churches describe and identify high quality candidates who will help them pursue their congregational vision and mission.

Would your church benefit from educational or expert resources provided by Heritage 21?  Contact us as we would enjoy the conversation.

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