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Legal Matters

Why Legal Protection Strategies are Important for Your Church

One of the primary services of the Heritage 21 Foundation (“H21”) is to assist Churches of Christ to make sure they are legally protected, especially in times of difficulty and crisis. When congregations are struggling, too often we have observed one of several unfortunate outcomes

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Mark Wallis

Parable of the Talents

The “Parable of the Talents” found in Matthew 25: 14-30, while multifaceted and deep in its meaning, seems to point out how we are to

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Church Growth
Stanley Granberg

Return is a Muscle

At this point in our COVID pandemic it seems like the world is still trying to figure out how things are going to work again.

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Leader Fatigue

Are you nearing leader fatigue? You would not be alone.  You have the right to be tired, weary and fatigued.   In our five-part Post

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Stanley Granberg

Communicate Better

We’re all coming to grips with the fact that Covid is going to be with us for much longer than we all hoped for. We

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