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Stanley Granberg

Creating A Sticky Church

We used to be to gain new members from tranfsers. No more. Today we need to develop stickiness in our churches.Dr. Stan Granberg suggests doing this by addressing 3 deeply felt needs.

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Bringing Out the Best in Others

The enduring issue that continues to curse many churches is not a lack of resources, not a lack of strategies, not a lack of programs, but a lack of Leadership.

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Real Estate

A Story: How a Church Closed to Bless Others

In the first half of 2023 Heritage 21 has had over 30 churches contact us with questions about the status of their congregation, asking for help to review and update their legal documents, or they have already stopped meeting or have decided to close and are seeking advice and expertise in accomplishing that closing in a good fashion. This story is about one of those churches.

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Church Renewal
Woody Square

How Our Church Pursued Renewal

About 5 years ago, a group of us at the San Leandro Church of Christ became quite concerned about the steady decline in attendance our church had experienced over the past two decades. The Granbergs helped us realize that we were in the “life support” stage of church life (the last stage before death), and that we would need to do some serious redevelopment if we wanted to survive and grow. We were challenged to reevaluate everything our church was doing and be open to new ways of reaching out.

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Church Growth
Stanley Granberg

Discovery Bible Study

We used to use our Bible school classes to bring the Word of God into the lives of people. People still need those foundational Bible activities and ideas in their lives. The question is how do we do this in a fast-paced world?

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Dan Dozier

Rebuilding Broken-Down Walls

It is critically important that we learn how to deal with life’s disappointments. Paul Faulkner observed, “To make things right when they go wrong in your life, you must rebuild by carefully replacing one stone of your life upon another, one day at a time.”

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Jordan Coss

Can Ministers Ever Retire?

Have you ever heard a sermon on retirement or saving for retirement? Me neither. Retirement security is now a luxury for the privileged few within the DIY retirement crisis. Experts on retirement savings state that what is needed are better products, not better financial education.

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Church Growth
Stanley Granberg

Should Your Church Plan to Grow?

What do you think and how do you feel about this question: should your church plan to grow? I believe it is both right and good for churches to plan to grow. Here is one way to begin.

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