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Church Growth
Scott Laird

Transitions, Prayer, and Discernment

Two major transitions in a relatively short period of time means the church is in a shift that requires learning and growth by all parts of the body. This is called an adaptive change (see Empty Church, p. 36) and is difficult.

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Douglas Peters

Healthy Churches have Mission Clarity

Without a clear, compelling mission churches will stumble along, missing the dynamic life that people need in Jesus. Dr. Peters says that investing is a season of mission discernment is one key towards a vibrant church future.

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Legal Matters

Why Legal Protection Strategies are Important for Your Church

One of the primary services of the Heritage 21 Foundation (“H21”) is to assist Churches of Christ to make sure they are legally protected, especially in times of difficulty and crisis. When congregations are struggling, too often we have observed one of several unfortunate outcomes

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