We Are Here To Help You


Heritage 21 is here to advise your and your church as it moves into the 21st-century.


The facilitation we provide is deeply spiritual and practical.

Real Estate Process Manager

Your churches real estate is highly valuable to the kingdome.

Trust Manager

We will make your Trust simple and professional.


We provide legal counseling and document preparation.

A Trusted Adviser

The H21 Foundation provides a process and resources for declining or struggling churches to assess their options as a congregation, protect their physical assets, and make the best decisions for their future.  While it is our hope that declining churches can be infused with new life and a viable future, that is unfortunately not what typically happens.  If a church decides its best course of action is to close, the Foundation provides the church a trustworthy partner to protect and sell its property, helps the church celebrate and preserve its history, counsels its people through the emotional pain and finding good church options, and assists with legacy decisions on how to redistribute its church assets in legal and God-honoring ways.

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